Our headlight aiming systems (HLA) measure and evaluate a large range of different lights and they can use European, U.S., or Japanese setting standards, making our systems flexible. Our intelligent machines can function both as a standalone units or integrated into NCA systems—they feature manual or semiautomatic adjustment. Our units also have the ability to talk to the vehicle over the vehicle com system.


Burke E. Porter Machinery’s HLA systems can measure and set fog lights, and adjustments can be made manually or electrically. Our HLA systems include adjustments of a variety of advanced driver assistance systems. By using the semi-automatic adjustment, we meet the new industry requirements.

Our HLA systems can also come equipped with a vehicle alignment corrector, a fully automatic fog light setting, a laser calibration device for NCA master gauge, a standalone laser calibration device, a vehicle misalignment compensator, and electrical screwdrivers. 

  • HLA can be controlled by your NCA machine 
  • Integrated light measurement camera 
  • Beam viewer window for visual double-check 
  • Large light-collector lens 
  • Safety speed for motorized movements 
  • PLC operated movement controls 
  • TFT operator screen

Measurement accuracy and repeatability:

Vertical: < ± 0.05% ± 0.05% 
Horizontal: < ± 0.1% ± 0.1%


Floor / Gantry Style can be integrated into NCA with controls integrated in the cabinet of the wheel aligner. 
Stand Alone Style (Floor-type) with embarked controls (no external cabinet). Car alignment correction for off-line applications.  

  • Available on Windows or Linux platform 
  • User friendly interface 
  • Clear operator messages 
  • Accepts conform headlamp types